North Fork Composites - Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Rod Blanks Designed by Gary Loomis, founder of G. Loomis, Inc. - Manufactured in Woodland, WA. USA
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Approved Rod Builder Program - The How

The How

  1. Download the one-page application via the link above.
  2. Purchase any NFC blank from one of our dealers.
  3. Build on the blank however you choose. The rod should be a showcase of overall quality/competency,
    not just a demonstration of a specialty skill (unless a builder wants to show both, of course).
    Keep in mind, however, that a very basic build does not showcase as much in terms of various skill-sets,
    and that rods that are approved will be seen by the public as an example of a builder's work!
  4. Send North Fork the completed rod, the completed application, and the receipt from the blank purchase
    (shipping addresess—for both postal and other carriers—are on the application). A small group of qualified people
    (chosen by, and including, Gary) will assess the overall build quality. Your blank will be evaluated without identifying marks.
    If you put your name or business on the blank, that is just fine, we'll gently cover it until the rod is through the process.
  5. If the build meets the panel's criteria for approval and the application is complete, then the builder will get a certificate
    signed by Gary and will be designated as a North Fork Approved Rod Builder.

NOTE: The ARB program is an on-going aspect of North Fork's interaction with custom builders. There is no "time frame" or other restriction on building or on submitting a rod for the approval process. Take the time that you feel is necessary to provide a representative sample of what you feel is a quality build, and a build that you would be comfortable showing to the general public.

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